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About Me


Welcome to my store

(aka my compulsion to endlessly collect & sort Lego) 

I am here to sell excellent quality Lego from my personal collection at a fair price and provide great customer service. 

It is quite scary to realise the huge amount of Lego I have acquired since I awoke from my "Dark Age" in 2016, and now that it has started to take over my entire home, I figure I better sell some of it before my loving wife does it for me!

I run this store in my spare time away from my "regular" job but I am always available if you have a question and want to get in touch.  I put time into my store daily to try and keep things up to date.

I regularly add inventory and sort through lots of parts so if there is something you are looking for please let me know and I will see what I have "in the back".

Much of my stock is new but some is used and I spend a lot of time weeding out the heavily played with, damaged & any non-lego junk before I add used parts to my store. I am quite particular and probably spend too much time on this but I don't believe in selling poor quality parts and then having unhappy customers.  

I do believe in only selling parts that I would be happy to spend my own money on.


A guide about the condition of my parts;

NEW parts in my store have come directly from sealed sets and are only handled for sorting and storing.  Very rarely a new part can have a defect, if this ever happens and it escapes my attention please let me know and I will make it right. 

USED parts in my store are either from my personal collection (which is extremely well looked after) or from lots I have acquired and now realise I have to sell because I have too much Lego (does such a thing really exist?).  Almost all of my used stock is of a very high standard and is in "Excellent Condition".  Anything less than this will be described as "LIGHT PLAY WEAR" and anything less than that does not even make it into the store unless it is a special part or rare minifigure.  I always filter out and remove the broken, chewed, dull, faded & worn parts, but if a mistake is made and you receive something you are unhappy with please let me know so I can make it up to you.  All used parts are washed & sanitised, however I do not individually clean each piece by hand so there may be an occasional piece with some stubborn dirt on a stud or inside a brick, etc.



Please bear in mind that colour variations can occur between parts of the same colour (whether new or used), especially some of the older used pieces, blues, greys, whites, yellows, etc.  I do my best to highlight this in the descriptions if I find any.  I always remove any yellowed pieces that I find but I'm only human and sometimes one might slip through.  If this does happen please contact me and allow me the chance to fix this for you. 

If colour is critical to you please contact me to discuss prior to placing an order, I am happy to try and colour match my parts.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will do all that I can to help.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!





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